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International Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame coming to NY

As first reported by WETM NBC News, Elmira, NY:

There will soon be a new place for fans to enjoy professional wrestling history. Nearly 20 years after his initial charter, Tony Vellano and his team have been granted a new one for the International Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame in upstate New York. Vellano, who was the original president for the first pro wrestling hall, which moved to Texas in 2016, tells WETM-TV that New York State is behind this new venture and effort.

Vellano also indicated that the International Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame (IPWHF) will be looking for its permanent home within the next year. Already, the hall of fame has a fundraising event in the works for the month of May.

Earlier this year, Vellano received the prestigious lifetime achievement award from the Cauliflower Alley Club in Las Vegas. At that time, Vellano believed that he still had plenty to offer the industry and he missed being involved with helping the tradition and history of wrestling.

“I know I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me but I kind of like it, I know I can do this,” said Vellano. “I’m absolutely starting with nothing again, but it’s just a challenge…I can’t wait for the opportunity to come my way.”

Vellano also says that things will evolve greatly in twelve months. But, in a productive way for the hall of fame.

“They (New York State) told me that you’re in the race and the gun just went off. Let’s see how you make out in another year from now,” Vellano added.

“Twelve months from now, things will look a lot different.”

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